we help companies design for web and beyond.


We dedicate ourselves to crafting awesome and eye-catching digital experiences that change the way your brand connects with users.

We combine digital strategy, UX and design to help clients think beyond ordinary.

Where web technology meets user experience and creative strategy.

From making products to marketing them. Two specialized teams. One unified company.

We are, a future-obsessed digital agency specializing in web and mobile design and development, social media strategy and new-media marketing.

We strive for better. We’ve helped companies win hearts and minds since 2003.

innovate or evaporate.

Working with great companies around the world and across time-zones.

40 +industry segments

19 +countries

digital strategy

We can overcome the challenge of extending the customer’s experience from real life to the digital world.

service design

We design and build a range of digital platforms, such as websites, mobile and web applications and print design.

growth hacking

Our innovative marketing skills and expertise, will benefit your company with outstanding results in record time.

digital consultancy

With our knowledge, we can advise our clients and train their team through video sessions and one-to-one classes.

We believe in passionate people.

No matter their background or years of experience.
You feel like you could be one of us?
We are constantly looking for new talents to join us.

Priyanka Narale

She works closely and collaboratively with the internal project team as well as clients. She is always hands on and willing to get into the weeds to make the deliverables of a project.

Kavita Saini

She can scope design phases of projects accurately and efficiently, and can work with the team to successfully translate concepts to visual expression.

Hiren Patel

He is responsible for creating and presenting effective visual communication design solutions utilizing client's brand identity standards.

Swapnil Patil

He is responsible for bringing new ideas to life: by guiding creative concepts from inception through to detailed design, development, and final implementation.

We are iBridge Digital.

iBridge Digital is the digital arm of Gayatri Web Services (earlier Gayatri Microsystems Pvt. Ltd.).

800 + projects

13 + years of experience

We’ve worked with wide range of clients from different industries, verticals and geographical locations.
  • Web Application Development
  • Database design and development
  • Mobile App development
We’re always looking for new challenges to get involed with.
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